The TDI Story

The PROTO Orion Deck was first introduced to the scooter world in 2010 as the debut of the Tunglok Deck Integration system also known as “TDI”. After only a brief two year run we were forced to cease production in order to focus our time and energy towards our other highly demanded products. After our SCS, wheel and handlebar production stabilized it was time to revisit the TDI vision. In the past three years deck extrusions have changed quite a bit and nearly every high end headtube has transitioned to integrated headset bearings. Unfortunately, these extrusions were already made and cut to size ready for a production run that never happened and have spent the last three years floating around on pallets in our warehouse and machine shop just waiting to be completed. Fortunately, TDI is not a deck, it is a patented system of compatibility for mating a headtube (neck) to a deck as two independent components which means we were able to design a new integrated neck for today’s market while still using the classic Orion extrusions with some cosmetic updates; a fact which lends itself well to the versatility of the TDI system.

Watch the original TDI Debut Video to learn how it works. New video coming soon!



Even though the decks were out of production and were not available to the public, Research & Design never stopped. Through the input of our team over the past five years, we have been able to fine tune and improve certain geometrical aspects of the scooter to adjust the way it rides and feels without compromising the TDI system itself.


Orion Necks

83° Integrated Billet CNC machined TDI Neck

NOTE: The non-integrated necks are surplus from the original production in 2011 that were anodized and laser engraved with the new TDI graphics and patent number that was awarded in 2012. They feature the old style geometry. Non-integrated necks are only available in 81.5° and are only available with the 4.5”x 20” deck kit as a tribute to the “ideal” dimensions in the industry at the time they were originally produced. These are discontinued and will only be available while supplies last and require a standard press-in cup style headset to be properly assembled.

SECOND NOTE: NON-Integrated deck kit prices are reduced for clearance to make way for the future of integrated necks. If you are on a budget this is the best way to get on the TDI train!


Orion Decks

Nose-Blunt/Crook/Smith space opened back up to mimic the original spacious geometry of the original V1 Orion by recessing the dovetail supports into the front of the deck.

NOTE: Older Orion deck extrusions will require slight modification to fit the recessed dovetails of the new Integrated Orion neck.



Original 6-hole Universal Braking System (UBS) replaced with a 2-bolt-infinite-slide UBS which allows any 2-hole-center-mounted brake to be adjusted anywhere along the slot to fit up to 125mm wheels.

Rear axle lowered for peg clearance.

Drop-outs cut flat for flush mount tubular pegs increasing axle strength and drop-out reinforcement.


In an effort to help cross promote and support other companies who we have enormous respect for, we have incorporated two other brands into these deck kits to make your setup truly awesome!

Hella Grip Collaboration: White OG Sloth Griptape.
TSI Collaboration: Custom UBS modified flex fender.

Silencer PegS

The PROTO 4130 Chromoly "Silencer" Pegs are the industries first flush mount pegs. The increased surface area touching the deck creates more support for the dropouts, less flex on the axle and a quieter vibration free grind allowing the deck, axle and pegs to grind longer and smoother. Ask Chema.

Note: Silencer Pegs are only compatible with flush mount drop outs.

*Silencer Pegs are sold seperately and include a longer axle.

4.5" X 20" Non-Integrated TDI Kit 4.5" X 20" Integrated TDI Kit 5" X 20" Integrated TDI Kit 5" X 21" Integrated TDI Kit 2"x1" Silencer Peg 2.5"x1" Silencer Peg

Shipping Within the U.S. Only.

Individual Components and Replacement Parts Will Be Available in January 2016.

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