Not all footy makes the cut, and not every trick gets nailed first try. Watch BK create his Armageddon 2012 part, clip by clip, it its entirety.

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Sometimes it takes a while to film an ender… Filmed over the course of an entire week, Andrew Broussard shows you how much effort, dedication, sweat & blood can go into filming a single clip.

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If you want to trip through the cosmos like Alex Steadman here’s your chance. Steadman’s new “Cosmos” Signature Part Line is available now at your local legit scooter shop. Steadman’s “Cosmos” line includes his Baby SCS and Full Core Grippers to keep your fakie game on lock. Pick up your set, install on your scooter, and go traverse the universe!

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Alex Steadman Cosmos Baby SCS

Tachachines Skate Plaza is Chema’s go-to spot when he’s back in his hometown of Guadalajara and in need of a mellow session.

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Hit up our Facebook and Instagram pages this weekend for a chance to win Chema’s new “Ouroboros” V2 Signature Gripper!

Win Chemas Sig Wheel

Chema’s Signature Gripper V2 features a graphic of the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros. Chema has been looking at this 21 set for years now, and while encapsulating the idea of constantly creating oneself Chema finally double pegged the set in its entirety. Chema’s new Signature Gripper comes with a lifetime warranty from dehubbing and a 90 day warranty from chunking. Keep on the lookout for his new signature wheel edit dropping soon!

Chema Cardenas Signature Wheel 21 Set

Chema Cardenas Ouroboros Signature Gripper V2

Traverse the entire galaxy on Alex Steadman’s new signature wheels! Keep an eye out for his new sig wheel edit, signature Baby SCS, and sig tee coming soon!

Alex Steadman Cosmos Signature Wheel

Steadman by the Water


Dylan and Alex in SF

With the rapid growth and development of the freestyle scooter industry over the past few years; riders and companies alike are becoming much more selective with who they choose to promote and associate themselves with.  Having long term affiliations between brands and riders is only part of what determines the future direction for both parties.  August 2014 marks when Dylan Kasson and PROTO scooters pursue separate paths.

Statements from both parties are as follows:

“After being with PROTO since its creation, I have decided to part ways to further my career as a professional scooter rider. I will always know PROTO as the indisputable originator of every aspect of modern street riding, and wish Andrew and the rest of the team the best of luck on their next full length video. Thank you for six unforgettable years.” –Dylan Kasson 

“No matter the reasons for riders and companies to part ways, it is always a bummer to lose someone who has been so influential to a brand.  Dylan was one of a select few riders who got to see PROTO built from the ground up and who’s involvement through the early years really helped shape and direct this company.  Dylan’s dedication to riding and this industry is pure and I wish him the best in all future endeavors, on and off the scooter.  Thanks for the good times!” -Andrew Broussard




Dylan in SF


Introducing the PROTO Catalyst SCS – Inspired by the sense of nostalgia we experience when re-watching of our first full length video “PROTO Catalyst”. All of our Catalyst inspired hard goods will be limited to a run of 500 parts only, so get our Catalyst collection while they are still around! Keep on the lookout for more limited Catalyst goods!

PROTO Catalyst SCS