Ian is arguably the most laid-back scooter rider we’ve ever met. He has a style that makes everything floaty and effortless. Maybe it has something to do with the altitude in Colorado… anyway, we’re stoked to have Ian on board with PROTO!

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Filmed by: Tom Kvilhaug, Issac Miller, Keelan McDorman, Dylan Kasson, Austin Corbett

Weekend park cruising, keeping it fun ‘n easy. Filmed at four skate parks throughout North County San Diego.

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We were first introduced to Jake through the Hella Grip homies. Even though he was super young and went by the nickname “squirrel” you could tell he was going to be a ripper. Jake is one of the most talented scooter riders we’ve ever come across. There are only a few guys that can execute whatever trick comes to their mind and on any terrain. Watching him ride a spot is like a one man show, you never know what he’s going to throw down next. We’re hyped to have Jake as a part of PROTO, and can’t wait to see his progression continue.

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Filmers: Jonny 2B , Anton Abramson , Zack Martin , Logan Fuller , Josh Young, Parrish Isaacs, Andrew Broussard.

It’s always rad to see young riders emerge from your local scene and since PROTO was founded in Vista, California we naturally are beyond hyped to welcome another local Vista ripper to the ranks! . Gerardo “Garfield” Gonzalez made a name for himself after dropping his Fun N Eazy part for Freestyle Depot which is what put him on the PROTO radar. Gerardo just turned 15 but his age is deceiving after you watch him ride. With a completely relaxed style and a no-fear approach when it comes to hitting big spots and taking big slams, Garfield is here to get it done!

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Filmed by: Zack Martin, Sam Dybeck, Josh Young, Bryan Hillman, Chema Cardenas, Logan Fuller

Gerardo Gonzales Intermission

Gerardo Gonzales PROTO Intermission

Cameron Poe has been in the PROTO tractor beam for quite some time now to varying degrees and is here full force now. Cam is a pure rail slayer and handles the kinks like a boss! We’re stoked to present Cameron Poe for PROTO!

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Filmers: Zack Martin, Zach Poon, Josh Young, Tyler Bradley, Issac Padilla ask a question

Let it RUST! Rust Patina is one of two new flavors for our reTro Lites v2 lineup. reTro Lites v2’s come in at 22″ wide x 26″ tall in the classic T-bar style. Our next color dropping real soon! Pick them up at your local shop!

Rust Patina PROTO Retro Lites chegg ask question

We were first introduced to Andy back at the 2nd Annual Chicago Street Jam in 2012. A relatively unknown rider at the time, Andy came and tore up every spot the jam had to offer, leaving the event with the “Best Overall” title and putting himself on the PROTO radar ever since. This is Andy’s first real part out in the streets and he has put in a lot of work filming it. We’re stoked to see how far he’s come and what he’ll bring to team in the future!

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PROTO headed to the Scooter Farm for an after hours sesh. Featuring Matt McKeen, Zack Martin, Parrish Isaacs, and guest riders Josh Young & Bryan Hillman. Thanks to Nick at the Scooter Farm for letting us slay it! Filmed and Edited by Bryan Hillman.

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Kirk Svensson is our only rider hailing from the midwest scene. When it comes to filming a video part, one could consider him an auteur. He’s heavily involved in all aspects of the video and you can tell his personality shines through his riding. We’re stoked to have Kirk as a part of the crew and to see what he’ll bring to PROTO.

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Kirk Svensson PROTO Intermission